Living and studying in Naples, in the south of the Italian peninsula, Francesco Visco obtained a degree in Painting Disciplines in 1992. He subsequently earned his living working in the field of restoration of furniture and paintings, stained glass windows and mosaics. In 2006 he started teaching Metal Design and later became Full Professor of Art History in High Schools. During his life he was always inspired by art, even if at times he moved away from it for long periods. "For as long as I can remember, I have always loved painting, despite my classical studies of Greek and Philosophy". From an early age he frequented the studio of the painter Perrelli, where he learned the technique of oil painting, shading and glazing. He then patiently spent years of experimentation and practice, and a constant attraction to the natural world inspires much of his art. His training after the Art Academy turned to the study of materials and nature: first through small views and landscapes of his land, then in the composition of mosaics of fossils and mortar, in painting on glass, in acrylic painting and with mixed techniques on wood and finally, the return to the figurative, with egg tempera on wood and oil painting on canvas. For some years he has no longer participated in exhibitions or artistic events because he prefers to try his hand at his studio, but today, even if no longer young, he is thinking of confronting himself again with the art and criticism market. In the last period he has dedicated himself to the theme of women and her ideal and sensual beauty, also using mixed techniques such as collage, gold leaf and other materials, on small and medium-sized canvases.